Issue facing while Migrating wp website.

I am facing 2 server issues while Migrating my wp site.

PHP Open Base Dir: ‘ON’
Issues might occur when [open_basedir] is enabled. Work with your server admin to disable this value in the php.ini file if you’re having issues building a package.

PHP Max Execution Time: ‘20’
Timeouts may occur for larger packages when [max_execution_time] time in the php.ini is too low. A value of 0 (recommended) indicates that PHP has no time limits. An attempt is made to override this value if the server allows it.

Note: Timeouts can also be set at the web server layer, so if the PHP max timeout passes and you still see a build timeout messages, then your web server could be killing the process. If you are on a budget host and limited on processing time, consider using the database or file filters to shrink the size of your overall package. However, use caution as excluding the wrong resources can cause your install to not work properly.

Please Help…

No help applicable. Server configuration won’t be changed, it’s free hosting plan and restriction are reasonable. Also as I can see it’s not issues yet, looks like warnings.

I am not able to download my package I use both All in one Migration and Duplicator plugin.

How I Migrate my website to the main domain now?

Using plugins for migrating or duplicating isn’t ok for me, the backup tutorial can explain you how to copy all the wp data:
Uploading: upload files to your new htdocs snd import database, don’t forget to change the database credentials if it’s different(it probably is)

My experience with backup and migration is that they break all the time, make incomplete backups, are very unclear as to what they do and they don’t migrate all the content successfully.

Instead of using fancy plugins to move content from one WordPress installation, you can just move the entire WordPress installation at once. That’s also the only recommended method of moving WordPress from WordPress itself: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex