Isset not working in some countries

I have the following code and I know that it is working on my end because I can activate it but are there any reasons why other people from certain countries can’t activate it? I also need someone to help me to test my site for the following media queries… 1600px and 1200px because on chrome, it looks fine but some people told me that it doesn’t look right and also if you can receive an email to complete your activation and antispam request

I am confused here because is a small desktop css 1600px or 1200px?

The screen of the laptop does not determine the resolution. If you want to know the resolution of your laptop, you may check it under the resolution section of settings in Windows. Normally, it is around 1920×1080 or 1366x760.

Please post your URL. I would like to check.

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This is weird though because I have checked my css on my other smaller desktop and it doesn’t look quite right but when using my chrome extension, it looks fine… I think chrome extension is not really accurate

Can you share the URL please.

that’s is okay… I have got someone to help me to test it out as well…

but I will add some code here because the isset is still not working and I tried it without using strip_tags as well…

include_once __DIR__.'/header2.php';
if(isset($_SESSION['u_uid'])) {
    echo "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0;url=../header2.php?reply=mustloggedoutfirst'>"; 
} else {
if (!isset($_GET['email']) || !isset($_GET['userid']) || !isset($_GET['reply_registration_expirydate'])) { 
   echo "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0;url=../index.php?reply=missinglink'>"; 
} else {
    $email = strip_tags($_GET['email']);
    $username = strip_tags($_GET['userid']);
    $reply_registration_expirydate = strip_tags($_GET['reply_registration_expirydate']);
    if (empty($_SESSION['key'])) {
        $_SESSION['key'] = base64_encode(openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(32));

They keep getting a missing link error…

I can activate it here on my end and this is almost similar to an email activation but it is an antispam activation.

Is this link correct? should I have another & after the email variables?

Click here to complete your registration!

I am going to see what has been echo out on their end

I think it’s this part of your code that isn’t working.

Try changing this to

And don’t exit the code.

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I have got it working now but it was the other isset part of the code that wasn’t working… anyway, I have another question, is there a way to prevent the user from deleting part of the url link? I have the following link

Click here to complete your registration!

that will take them to get page after signing up but I think someone has deleted part of that code because it is not inserting their username or email…

I forgot to check to see if the variables are empty or not but which is better to use:

if(empty($username)) {} or if($username === ‘’") {}

Both are equally fine. However, you cannot check anything other than variables using empty().

so what is the difference between doing if($username ===‘’){} do you mean that if(empty($username)){} is better?

I also have an user that does this to one of my registration form:

black mirror dating app reddit commuter dating app…

is there a way to check to to make sure that they are inputing a proper sentence?

empty() is okay if you are checking variables. Otherwise, you have to use ===.

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So don’t they both do the same thing? I am still confused here

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