Is web hosting down today?

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All of my websites are working

Error Message

Site cannot be reached. Server took too long to respond

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username epiz_26654871

Mine seems to be down also since yesterday. Any news on this?

What is your website/domain?

Mine is

The IP your website is on ( is currently disabled due to a DDoS attack. It may take up to a week to fix this. In the meanwhile, if you don’t want to wait, you can create a new hosting account with the same domain name by removing it from the old hosting account and then move your files from the old hosting account to the new account.


Is this common for infinityfree sites? I never had this issue with other hosting sites before.

How can I prevent DDoS attacks on this site?

Not particularly. But DDoS attacks happen. Issues like these happen a few times per year on some IP address, but we have many IPs, so only a small fraction of sites are affected.

Case in point: it’s rare. It can happen with any hosting provider, you just had the bad luck to get it right now with us.

Build your own datacenter with your own servers and network?

For as long as you’re on a shared network, you can be affected by DDoS attacks intended for other people. That’s just how the internet works.


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