Is Unlimited Storage really unlimited?

Hello! I heard on some websites that infinityfree provides unlimited cloud storage. Is it real or just a rumor?

Hi @MG239i

InfinityFree is free website hosting with unlimited storage but if you run Lot of Files & get Lot of visit’s to your site , Your Site will be suspended soon !

You can use Infinity Free to testing purposes & then get a premium hosting if your site have more views/users

You can also Refer here for more Information


Not exactly the right term cloud. It is normal storage like you get in a shared hosting package. It is not unlimited either. The storage is capped at 5 gb.


Why not? It is cloud storage. The “cloud” is just “other peoples computers”, and that is true here.

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I would like to belive it if this place was offering cloud hosting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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