Is this OK?

Hi Everyone ,

I have a Company , I have created my Company website & I would like to ask if is it ok to host with InfintyFree , It would recieve atleast 20 - 30 k views every month or more , can InfintyFree Support ?

Most likely not. You will get suspension easily


If you used wordpress then you will get suspension very often!


No , I don’t use wordpress I write my code ! HTML & CSS , How much users can InfintyFree Support in a month ? @KangJL @HELPINDIA

It depends on how your design your website.
If every page load 51 files per view, you would have exceeded the 50k hit limit every day with just 1000 users


InfinintyFree only Supports 1000 users per month ? Then what is the use , I know it’s free but it should atleast be able to load for 5000 ?

Any another host suggestion ?

No, it supports 50,000 requests per month day. Using a CDN, and limiting the number of requested files are some ways to ensure the you never reach this limit.


Yes I use Cloudflare !

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The answer it: it depends.

If you have a simple site that’s only a few pages of (mostly) static HTML, you may be able to have tens of thousands of visitors per month. If you have complex software running on it with a lot of interactions, a few people may be enough to overload it.

It’s pretty much impossible to predict it. All I can recommend is to just try it and watch the graphs. You can always upgrade or downgrade later on depending on how things go.

And in general, spend how much you’re willing to spend, but also don’t optimize for millions of visitors when you’re just starting out, because then you’re just wasting money.

50,000 hits per day, not per month. So by following KangJL’s math:

That would give you a maximum of 30k page views per month, which would be enough.


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