Is this because of my internet or the server?

I was doing like go to site admin and articles page several times, and that happened :confused:
Or because of my internet slowed down often :slight_smile:

Screenshot from 2020-06-23 17-23-27

And sometimes that too :frowning:

Note: Okay, now the JHmtl error happened often. Help me! :frowning: )

By the looks of it though, it looks like a file is missing but I’m not so sure.

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Looks like installation of your app is incomplete, try to re-install it.

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I think so. But, how I do that?

Simply, uninstall the software or app that you have installed and then reinstall.

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So I reinstalled Joomla, and some php error happened (it’s fine I guess)
But now, everytime I’m on article editor, this showed up
Screenshot from 2020-06-23 18-44-47

Screenshot from 2020-06-23 18-48-16
So broken.
(Happened on post-install messages)

I’ve moved your topic to the Website Development category. There are many reasons why Joomla wouldn’t be able to load a user or load a component, and I can’t think of any reasonable reason how a server issue could cause Joomla to lose data.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about Joomla to say why this does happen.


Oh, it’s fine. Thanks :wink:

Or Just Use Wordpress XD
(just kidding, it’s up to you because it’s easy to use)

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