Is there anyone knows how to change the chmod of files and folder?

I had some excutable scripts inside children files (parent/example.php) and their are anchors on my home page to execute those scripts.
But whenever i am clicking, it gets redirected to #403 error page instead.

Thanks Nerds!

A 403 response is not caused by file permissions (chmod). Unless you broke the file permissions and make the file unreadable, it’s not going to fix it. So if you didn’t touch the file permissions before, please don’t touch them now. At best it will do nothing, at worst you’ll break your account.

These are common reasons why people actually get 403 errors while using our hosting:

If that article doesn’t answer your question, can you please point out which exact URLs cause this issue, or how we can reproduce this issue?



But i have not chaged any settings everything is default

In the top directory(htdocs/index.php)
I have an iframe which execute the script from htdocs/incudes/inner.php and shows the output into the iframe over index.php

I guess php is not allowed to run the scripts but i don’t know how where to change the chmod, chmod button on file is not working.

Any guesses?

Does it work if you rename the includes folder to something else?

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No, i haven’t changed, there are a bunch of files inside /includes and lot of links from outside here and there.

I am able to include files from /includes normally. it cracks when i tried to execute one but since it is being executed internally their should not be any error but who knows

everything is perfectly running at localhost
and i had done some projects with same situation where ideally i had to give execution permission to some files

no solution yet
but Thanks Ziverre

Try renaming the “includes” folder to something else. “includes” is a reserved directory name on free hosting, and some operations may not work right for files within it it.


If this is true, admin should add the setup readme file inside every /htdocs for clarity, because as a convention we use /includes all the times and sometimes files under /includes do get executed by the php.
At last tell me if i can change the chmod of any file or not?
Thanks :+1:

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Yes you can, but that’s generally not recommended. Simply use the chmod function shows up in the file manager.


Add on to that, make sure your permissions are always above 600, or else you are screwed.


Thanks for the suggestions
at the end i renamed /includes , now everything is working so far.

:+1::+1::partying_face: have a great day

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I pointed you towards an article that clearly says that using includes as the directory name results in a 403 error. That’s an article I selected specifically for you and the question you are having regarding your website.

If you somehow missed that, do you think that having a readme file that’s supposed to avoid every issue for every site (which means it would have a lot of information, most of which is not relevant to you) would help avoid this?

The common convention is to use the “includes” folder to store PHP files that are loaded into other files with the include directive (hence the name). In those cases, you specifically do not want those files to be accessed directly, especially if you haven’t take precautions to make sure that those files don’t expose sensitive information when accessed directly.


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