Is there any way to download php package in free version account?

I would like to download an imagick pecl php package. Is there any way of downloading it in the free version or do I need to go premium?

Free hosting comes with a set of default PHP modules, you cannot disable, enable or install any other modules.

Premium hosting comes with a PHP extension selector where you can enable many additional PHP extensions, including imagick.

Note that you can’t install any additional PHP modules yourself that are not available on the server already. For security reasons, it’s not possible to install custom PHP modules on any shared hosting.

But seeing how you’re using $175 forum software, getting premium hosting is a no-brainer in the first place. If you’re spending so much money on your website, spending another ~$50 to make sure it runs fast and reliably is the smartest investment you can do.

And if you didn’t pay $175 for the forum software, please note that pirated software is illegal and we do not tolerate illegal activities on our hosting.


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