Is there any rollback happening?

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Not really an error, a while ago cloudflare scream wrong ssl which should be fine after all these months? and then I just set ssl level to flexible just for easy fix.

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The problem is, my content is reverted few days back iirc. I’ve done uploading new themes, new content, etc etc since then. Is there any rollback happening?or it’s just I’m unlucky so my content is rolled back?

Please write more clearly.
What is the website suppose to show?
What is it showing now?
I believe screenshots are better than a thousand words…

thankyou for trying to help, but i cant show any screenshot how it supposed to show since my writing/changes inst there.

lets say, i change this web theme from “mediumish” to “notebook” awhile back, now its back to “mediumish”. Wrote another post about “PTKP” on last monday. and here we are, no post with PTKP on title.

simply put, it supposed to show post about A, B, C and D but now it shows only A and B

i believe “roll back” is enough to tell what kind of problem im facing. im just asking tough, i still have my recent post (but the latest) on my local folder. free is free.

I noticed you are using CloudFlare.
Did you purge CF cache followed by browser cache before accessing your website?

not about cache, its gone from files/ftp

Sounds like this

Your hosting account is not on affected IP.
So you have to wait for admin most likely


If you use WordPress, your posts are stored in the database, not in the files.

Try loading your website using a VPN.


A simple look will show that I’m not using WP, It’s bludit. But let’s just move on.

How’d you explain that my “Notebook” themes folder gone? And how’d you explain asset folder ( I’ve deleted just yesterday/a day before come back?

You see, if I ever remove current used themes folder, it’ll fall back to twenty something (if WordPress), not another custom themes.

If I remember correctly, the current state of my site is about week old, from where I’m moving from picocms to bludit. It’s stuck with those post, because im facing some problem with webp. But I’ve migrated all content, removing those assets folder, call it a day, and today I’m going to edit this “Notebook” themes.

So let me say it again, it’s not cache, it’s not CF, it’s like my whole directory is restored from some snapshots. It’s not just my content is gone, some of them is actually come back to life

Next, time keep backups of your site. It wouldn’t be took hard as you are using a flat file CMS (no database required). This is free hosting and even if it isn’t backups are SUPER IMPORTANT.

Well, yeah, I do have my backup, except last post, and this post is just a question to admin here.

Free is free, my rclone task probably need adjustment to few days sync.

I’m inclined to agree.

I don’t know anything for certain, but I know that that issue was caused by a hardware upgrade. That upgrade was on hosting volume vol2_7, your account is on vol1_3. It’s entirely possible that your hosting volume was migrated too. And although the process was improved so that it didn’t cause downtime on your website anymore, it’s possible that any changes made while the migration was in process weren’t synced correctly the first time.

Knowing iFastNet, there may be another sync running now that’s syncing all the final changes from the old storage to the new storage, so it’s possible the files are back now or may be back soon.

But if you can easily reconstruct the changes, you can do that too.


something definitely happened, bludit is simple and dont have anything suspicious, and right now my account is suspended because i hit Entry Process Limits. Im doing nothing and this is what i got.

EP Limits should be caused by too much resources loading on your site(php scripts).
if im not mistaken


Yes i know that, but the point is my site is dormant like a week ago because somehow it’s state is restored hence the title “rollback”

Bludit is simple CMS, doesn’t have any hardcore PHP scripts. It shouldn’t happened, except some random internet guy decide to hack free blog that has nothing to value.

For context since you didnt show earlier and don’t know what my site look like, think it’s a static site, nothing fancy, just post, images, that’s all. And this “temporary suspension” just happen today.

last edit: im wiping everything. ill rebuild my site on other account.

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