Is there any post upload limit?

How many posts can i upload a day in my wordpress site? Is there any limit?
My site name:
I have published 6posts in 30minutes. I have done nothing except publishing posts to my site today. But my account suspended. Why has this been happened?

Hello there,

In the Client Area there should be an information on why your account got suspended and a knowledge base article link is also attached for you to read to learn more about the suspension of your account.


It shows that I hit the entry process limit. How many visitors can visit my website in one day? Is there any limit?

I told you there should be a knowledge base article link attached in there to learn more about the limit you’ve reached and some tips on how you can optimize your site so it doesn’t hit the entry process limit often.

Since you already said what limit you hit then here’s a direct link of the Knowledge Base article that the client area should have provided you already:


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