Is there a way to forward a subdomain to something other than a URL

I am trying to forward my subdomain ( to my Minecraft server IP, but i cannot get it working. any help?

Just FYI: “forwarding” is usually done with website links and emails. Pointing a subdomain to an IP address is not called forwarding, but setting DNS records. This is why the “Redirects” tools only let you enter a URL.

Also, the “Subdomains” section is used if you want to host a website on a subdomain and want to host that on your account with us. If you want to point the subdomain to another server (whether that’s a web server or something else, like a game server).

The section you can use here is the CNAME Records section. While that will let you point a subdomain to another server, it only supports other domain names, not direct IP addresses.

But that may not be a blocking issue. Most IP addresses have a domain name associated with it. If your game server host gave you a domain name to use, you can enter that as the CNAME target. And if you’re hosting it from home, for example, your network operator may have set a DNS record for the IP address. If so, you can usually find it by doing a reverse DNS lookup on your IP address (search the web for tools to do that).

5 Likes is broken atm but may help you with domains. it is 100% free

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But for only two letter domains.

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