Is there a way that I can get iFastNet support here?

Well to be honest, I am serious, that this community form is better then iFastNet’s technical support. I do like the community here.

Also if I can get support here, umm my cloudflare is not working.

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: although InfinityFree is powered by Ifastnet but or services are completely different


Oh ok, because you are actually better then iFastNet, in quality, speed, and just in general. tell Admin he did a great job putting you a a mod, (or if it was Disqus system)


Like it’s actually dumb, I got a domain from iFastNet while signing up, and they are like yeah change the name servers, and like how? totally got what I paid for cries. Well its not on autorenew.

Open ticket on


The domain issue might actually be a design flaw with WHMCS (the billing and provision tool used by iFastNet and many others).

Judging by the error in the screenshot, I would guess that the Cloudflare integration on that server is misconfigured. But I don’t know, I can’t check and I definitely can’t fix. iFastNet’s support should be able to do all of those things.


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