Is there a problem with xenforo or do we have it?

Why does my account keep closing? I installed xenforo but I have never experienced anything like this before. started to happen these days. why suspend can someone explain it to me ok we may be using free hosting we can’t pass premium what should we do for it


Hm. If you bought this software, you can afford premium hosting. If you did not buy it, note that installing nulled scripts is illegal, and will get you permanently suspended.

xenforo is not meant to be installed on free hosting.


I can’t get past premium hosting as my situation is not very good so I can understand my account getting suspended constantly?

How did you get a copy of xenforo?


I downloaded it for free from the internet

Nulled scripts are illegal and violate the TOS, this is why you are suspended.


Xenfono is not free software. What you did is illegal. Please delete the files from your website, or you may be suspended permanently for violation of ToS. Unless you can show me where Xenforo allows free downloading, but I don’t think they do.


I remove it no problem

softaculous apps installer Can we set up a forum site?

You can use mybb flarum etcfrom Softaculous


OK thanks


I was wondering if Xenforo allows for free sharing so I installed it, but sorry if it’s illegal

we downloaded and installed it for free I really don’t know what to say

In general, if the official website only provides the option to purchase a license for their software, then you can be pretty sure that the only way to get the software is to purchase a license. Companies that sell software don’t typically provide the same software for free.

And another bit of general advice: only install software from an official source. Even for free software, don’t download it from a random file sharing site someone on some forum linked to. Third party redistributions frequently contain malware and other undesirable modifications.


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