Is there a list of softaculous default inode usage per app?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I was doing test installs of various apps from softaculous and my inode usage went from basically nothing to 73%
The only real data I’ve uploaded for the site is a custom coming soon image and page.
I cannot remove the unused directories which are made from creation of various subdomains. These use inodes as well do they not?

If I cannot refresh my directory structure for their account it would probably confuse them later.
Would it be best for me to simply generate another account and transfer the domain to that? I only did these tests because I wanted to verify what is best and worked properly with ssl etc.

Also, I was getting my domain does not have a trusted cert when you generated the cert for me once I fulfilled the prerequisites.

I really dont want to hand them a site that has issues due to false inode data or empty folders etc.

It seems that if I want to give them the features they need I’m not going to be able to do it with the apps on softaculous. I dont see how a modern site with decent traffic and modern features would not have issues with these restrictions.

I’m using this software:
Filezilla and your online tools.
I’m running nix on my dev box.

Additional information:
I would really appreciate if I could refresh this account tree other than the domain info for
I really wanted to use a wildcard domain cert to tie the subdomains together if I would have known I could not do that here I probably would have just used normal single domain structure. But I figured since she bought a domain it would simplify things.

Much thanks in advance.

I don’t think there is any list with inode counts. I don’t know any software which publishes how many files and directories there are in a default installation. And keep in mind that every time the software is updated, the number of files will change. And note that Softaculous sometimes supports installing additional plugins and themes too, which also affects the number of files.

But clean installs for most scripts are a couple of thousand inodes. A compact one may be 2k inodes, a larger one may be 8k inodes. So if you install a few different scripts, it’s easy to get over 20k inodes in an account. How many pages, posts and so on are in the site doesn’t generally matter that much, because those are stored in the database, not as files.

Yes, but there are only two inodes for every subdomain (a domain directory and a htdocs directory). On a total limit of 30k, that’s negligible.

The inode counter is not a live indicator. It’s sampled every so often based on the number of files and directories in your account. If you want to reduce your inode count, you can remove some of the unused scripts, and some time later you’ll see the counter has gone down.

Also, please do not that the inode allocation is there for you to use. Yes, Softaculous scripts use plenty of them, but that’s what they are there for. One or two scripts from Softaculous puts you maybe at half your inode usage, which is still well within the limits. As we say in our KB article about inodes: you don’t need to worry as long as you’re below 80% usage.

Our control panel doesn’t support SSL on subdomains, and doesn’t support wildcard SSL certificates at all.



You can also experiment on your local PC using this easy-to-use package which also comes with Softaculous apps inst.
btw. if possible use a 64bit version (v3.9)


So I can’t use the private key and CSR to generate a certificate to setup a secure script on a subdomain that i use as a dev account for testing functionality? I am going to require a tld for that aswell?

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