Is ther a way to remove my domain while my account suspended?

i hope admin be kind and tell me how to remove my domain , account got suspended again after it got 30 active users :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why do you wanna remove it?

my site got blocked when it got 30 visitors at same time, i discovered that even if i used premium plan wont be enough for my project , i want to remove the domain wanna transfer to a personal vps hosting

You should be able to do that by changing your nameservers.

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that may cause in same errors , dont u think?

If you’re planning to use VPS provided by iFastnet, then I guess, maybe, just maybe it may cause errors.

If you’re using other company, then after period of DNS propagation, all your visitors will be visiting your site over there.

InfinityFree doesn’t own your domain.



it caused in errors as i expected , thanks anyway :grinning:

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