Is the subdomain doesn't Rank on Google?

I verfied my website on Google search console but it doesn’t apear when i search for it
So is the subdomain doesn’t Rank on Google or it’s hard to Rank on Google
Or the problem from the website seo its self
If the problem from my website please Guide me What should i do

It can take months, years (And even never happen) to get good rankings on google.

To see if your site is indexed, search site:your-url.tld. If you don’t see anything, or see too few results, you need to give google more information by adding your site to Search Console


Would you please make my website like you said because maybe i do it wrong
This is my website

It shows up in google results:


I really appreciate that
Would you please send me the exactly url you wrote

Since this is your URL:

You should search for this:


Thank you i appreciate that