Is the site related to digital currency exchange services not allowed here?

Is the site related to digital currency exchange services not allowed here?
And if it is not allowed, why?
And there is no other way for my site to stay here?
Should I go to another free domain and hosting service?

That is allowed. Note that while sites discussing (crypto)currency are allowed, fauceting or trading sites are not allowed and will get you permanently suspended.


my site is just for exchage

I believe that this covers exchange as well.

Anything actually dealing with the crypto itself is not allowed.

Discussions are different, as stated above.

The below post also talks about digital currency exchange sites (which are different but still apply to the crypto related site ban).


To me, both

digital currency = crypto related
exchange = trading

so this may apply


oh ok
so i need go in other free hosting site ops


Do note that most free hosting service use the same backend, and therefore have the exact same rules. There is a lot of legalness will the blockchain network, so you are going to have to look around, or specifically search for a host that allows this kind of content. You are probably not going to find anything for free.


Oh, why do free hosting sites not allow crypto?

From Admin:


Will my site be deleted now?


It is best to backup your files and move to another provider.

But as stated a few posts above, it is not likely for you to find a free, legitimate hosting provider willing to do crypto related websites.

There’s always Ifastnet’s premium plan! They don’t list crypto as not allowed in their ToS:


Yes that’s right.

I found a website that allows crypto sites.
But their free services are not many and not as good as infinityfree services

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