Is the non-alphabetical domain web adress still locked away from the public?

On individual devices/webservers the public_html folder can be accessed through direct IP adress/folder structure link, however centralized hosting resellers tend to maintain their client websites under one adress in a severely big folder structure.

The last time I had information on this, the hosting framework that IF uses provider used to keep direct, non-alphabetical website domain unavailable to their clients.

Accessing your website by using this method would guarantee ability to start interacting with their websites for free hosting users while the sub-domains provided by IF propagated for the developer’s ISP.

Has the situation changed or direct adress is still unavailable for normal clients?

I’m not sure what you mean by “non-alphabetical website domain”. There are domain names (which are always alphanumeric) and IP addresses. Are you referring to the mod_userdir feature? So you can access a website through ip_address/~username/website/path.php?

That feature is generally not enabled on hosting servers due to security implications. cPanel offers it, but recommends you disable it as well: cPanel & WHM Developer Portal

For example, if you have a login page on , other people could copy the login page and set it up on their own account as well. Then they could make their phishing page accessible through Then there would be a phishing page on your domain, with your SSL certificate and there is nothing you can do about it (except for changing hosts, of course).

There are other issues as well, like compatibility issues with many other features of our server stack and some of the individual components we use.

So, in short, it’s not enabled and it will never be enabled. If you want to view a website before the domain name has propagated, the best way to do so is to change your hosts file.