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Does anyone know if the tech support is real human beings or is it a computer? I am in the middle of moving my website from a different server and on one hand I am being told that what I’m doing is fine and the next second I am being told I am breaking the rules and I cannot get a clear answer. It’s like whoever or whatever is responding to the thread is either

A> not reading the entire thread
B> Is DELIBERATELY trying NOT to answer my questions or address my concerns.
C> is a computer that does not understand context.
D> is a certified IDIOT.

Is there any other way I can go about this?

Can you send screenshots of the ticket with them?

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New users can only upload one item at a time, so this will be slow. My apologies.

As it says they’ve detected suspicious codes in your index.html, may i ask what’s inside it?


may I?

Sorry… not paying attention. The index.html in question should be an exact duplicate of this website:

I am moving this site off of Webs dot com because the site is being shut down.

You don’t own it?

What’s your definition of “own”? It’s my content, but I obviously don’t own

but you own, isn’t it? You told staff you don’t own this website, of course they’ll think isn’t yours.

Anyway i’m leaving this to Admin, this might be in an error or some other reason but you clearly made them to think you copy from someone else’s website.

But my understanding is that technically owns the all the sites under their banner.

Actually, the conversation goes on further than that. I literally have 13 different screen shots and there are, like, 17 or 18 messages in this thread. In short, I have tried to make it clear that it is my website.

Here is the core of the problem. I am telling them that I am shutting down my old site. I want to migrate the site over to Infinity. When I tell them that I want to move my website they tell me that’s all fine and hunky dorey. They then send me messages explaining how to mechanically move my files. And then when I ask them what to do if I get flagged again for copying content they tell me that copying content will get my account suspended.

Which is directly contradicts the previous statement.

I am trying to find out HOW to move my website over to their servers when they won’t let me copy the site.

Also, for the record, they have removed the suspension. I’m just worried about it getting reinstated.

If they say “you have to remove file X to stay active”, then you must do that. If so, you’ve probably been given a temporary reactivation, and your account will automatically be suspended again if you don’t remove the file.

To answer the original question: yes, the people who review the accounts are real humans. But they do tend to prefer quick answers over proper investigation and consideration.


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