Is SMTP trough gmail available in Free hosting

I wish to ask if there is the possibility to set up on a free hosting account the ability to send mail trough gmail smtp since i keep reading in the help section that smtp is not available for free hosting i really need to know this since i am confused if have a website theme that lets you use gmail smtp all you need is to fill up details will infinityfree on free hosting let me do it or the possibility is not there since when i was installing the php code script it showed that my website has no smtp server detected is this why really need help

Pleas help me i need an answer as fast as possible i have tried this theme of php code script in other hosting platforms and the smtp email gets sent so please to answer me

Hello there,

Yes you can use Gmail’s SMTP here. InfinityFree doesn’t provide free SMTP for accounts but you are allowed to use external SMTP freely from 3rd party services like from Gmail here.

InfinityFree has its own KB article for this that you should read here:


Even though on the basic free hosting account there is a availability of doing gmail smtp or external smtp’s are you sure ?

If yes can you give me a tutorial simple on how to setup gmail smtp with infinityfree please :slight_smile:

Yes,use of External SMTP is allowed.
Read the article given by @UnknownLolz .
(Anyways Linking it below)


There are also many php libraries for this, like PHP Mailer

Can you provide me with a tutorial on how to setup a gmail smtp account steps to follow to have a ready gmail for smtp in order to add its details to my contact form please


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