Is php 8.2 support available

is php 8.2 support available or when will be available in the future

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In fact PHP 7.4.8 is the latest one that I have here in my Vista Panel (not the same as CPanel, but Vista Panel is a modified CPanel).


PHP 8.2 support is not available. Even the PHP developers themselves do not support PHP 8.2 yet. The latest version of PHP is PHP 8.1. Looking at the traditional release schedule of PHP, PHP 8.2 will likely only be officially released next December.

And no, we don’t, and never have, offered pre-release versions of PHP on free hosting.

Right now, we only officially support PHP 7.4. We’re currently getting rid of PHP 5.x versions, and when that’s done, PHP 7.4 will be upgraded to a newer version as well. This will likely be PHP 8.1


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