Is my wordpress site hacked?

Hi I am using Hestia theme for my wordpress site and infinityfree as a host, and I noticed lately that the theme has been changed (the navbar has disappeared and the design of the theme is completely wired). I am sure that I didn’t do any mistake by accident cause I haven’t logged to the admin panel the last month, when I checked the files on the infinityfree host the time for last update for “theme” and “plugin” folders were very close (a day ago!) who could that happen?!
Am I hacked or what?

The theme and all the plugins that I use are asking for update, so I suppose nothing is updated.

site url please?

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Isn’t It supposed to look like this?

Good news for you, I use Hestia too and that happened to me too. No, it is not that your site is hacked. It was because of the upgrades. Your website got upgraded to the latest stable PHP version and staff had to rush it because apparently there was a security problem.

Your navbar hasn’t disappeared, it has just been dislocated. Fix this by adding a location for your menu bar.

Happened to me top. Using a child theme would fix a problem like this in the future (helps with upgrading themes too without customizations disappearing) Just check the child theme guide:


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