Is it wise to set auto update in Softaculous

I am trying to install a new Wordpress website, and I was wondering if it is wise to set automatic update of Wordpress, plugins and themes in Softaculous? Does it corrupt Wordpress, themes or plugins or increases server cost? Or any other issue it may cause which is specific to Infinity Free.

I would request a serious answer from someone from the authority. Thankyou.

No, it won’t for sure, trust me. I’m also doing it!

Wordpress and themes get corrupted very often due to server fluctuation and this is a big pain. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to ask first before doing something I am not very familiar with. Thanks for help.

Although I would still like the Administrator’s response on this if possible.

The server cost should be the same for manual and automatic updates, as far as I know. And so is the risk of something breaking with the updates. The only difference is that with a manual update, you can respond immediately if something breaks.

Whether you want to take the time to update something manually, or are willing to risk something breaking when you’re not around, it a cost/benefit analysis only you can make.


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