Is it really worth the WordPress and your giant files?

Is it really worth creating a Wordpress site?
I noticed that the files are giant and that the loading is getting slower and slower. Isn’t it better to create a website from scratch with separate files writing line by line? With html files, css, js …

It depends on your needs.
If you want only a simple site/landing page site, it will waste your hosting resource to use WP.
But if you want a complex site such as online shop, it’s good enough. If you create a complex site from scratch, it will waste your time.


Because many people (like me) don’t know how to code but still want to have our own personal websites / blogs.

So we need a readymade platform to do that.

And WordPress is the most popular of them all.

The set-up is relatively easy. The knowledge base about WordPress that we can search on Google is huge. Just look at the knowledge base of InfinityFree, a lot of them are about WordPress. If an amateur like me has any problem, most of the time he can find the answer on Google.

I know that there are other light weight systems out there. But if I encounter any problems, it will require a lot more effort to find the solution.

So, in some sense, yes, WordPress is worth it.


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