Is it really Unlimited Hosting

As per this on the home page-
InfinityFree is website hosting with no time limit, and no limit on the number of websites you can host. , I should be able to host any number of sites but on the dahsboard on account I can create only 3 accounts means only 3 websites ??
PLEASE tell me about this if I’m wrong .

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Hi and welcome to the forum! On a hosting account you can host as many websites as you want as long as you don’t reach a limit on that hosting account; in that case you’ll need another one to lighten the load up. So your analogy, which is an account = a website, and the hosting accounts are three so three accounts = three websites, is wrong.


Although you can only have three hosting accounts, the amount of addon domains and subdomains each account can have has no set limit.


@JxstErg1 @anon54841129 So if I’m right - If I create new subdomain, a new dir is formed for that specific subdomain in File manager(I was checking the subdomain option after checking your comments on this post that’s when I found this ) and I can host my Website there in htdocs folder , is that how I can host many sites and that’s why there is option for adding many submains?

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Correct. You can also have as many addon domains that you own that way. Each site will have its own domain/subdomian and can be run completely independently of each other, even if they’re run on the same hosting account.