Is it possible to remove advertisements (which seem to come from ifastnet) when sending registered email with WordPress?

Username (e.g. epiz_ XXX) or Website URL

epiz_ twenty-seven million four hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred and fifty

Error Message

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Other Information

It appears in the email that is verified by the mailbox when registering with WordPress, and I want to ask how I should remove it?

Sure. Just use WP Mail SMTP and an external email provider to send the email. A simple, free Gmail account already works. And we don’t (cannot?) inject content into emails sent through a different email provider.


I can’t understand your meaning through the translation program. Can you respond to me in Chinese? Thank you!

Not really. I don’t speak Chinese. I could use a translation program too, but I don’t know if that would create any more clear text.


That’s a pity, but thank you all the same. My understanding is that I can’t remove this advertisement message. If I understand it wrong, please let me know. I will set your initial reply as the solution. Thank you!