Is it possible to put my localhost site here at infinity?

How do I put my already made site (localhost) here on infinity? in free hosting

1)Upload all files via ftp (eg filezilla).
2)Import database
3)Rename all localhost reference to url IF url.


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I’ll read it, but I would like to know if the duplicator plugin works on free hosting, it does the job of migrating too.

Nvr use any of these plugins!!!
It will break ur website.
Do it manually…


So I just need to transfer the files through FileZilla, to the “htdocs” folder, right? Then I import the database that is at “http: // localhost / phpmyadmin /” and rename all references from localhost to the url?

Can you teach by details? I am really new and I am learning it now.

You can refer to this link for info…

Most of the steps are there.

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I’ve seen and even saved the link xD. Could you tell me how I create email accounts? From what I saw in free hosting it was depreciated and has no way to create :confused:

Read this…

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“Neste guia, vamos usar este domínio> (um domínio gratuito da Infinityfree, você também pode usar domínios freenom)”

Instead of “” can I use
example [email protected]


you can use your domain

“Your existing personal email”
can I use the email I used on the site to manage or is it better to create another one? And from what I saw, now you can only use it for 30 days,agora o não te fornece mais do que esse tempo de forma gratuita.

Uh Oh, has stopped free plan, try Zoho mail or Yandex while I look for an alternative

Zoho doesn’t allow you to create email for free, and Yandex I don’t know how to use.

Zoho does work… The only thing is it doesn’t accept freenom domains… I’d suggest you to use Yandex.


I researched it here and I believe that Yandex is the same thing that is today (30 days free)

yes, yandex has also stopped their free services,
Please hold on while I look for a new one

I created one just now just fine

lol. lemme check