Is it possible to make GET and POST http requests to your website in here?

Website URL

(please specify the URL of the site on which you are experiencing the problem)

Error Message

(GET /index.php?boars=7 HTTP/1.1

05:15:34.173 → SEND OK
05:15:34.173 →
05:15:34.173 → +IPD,0,367:HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
05:15:34.206 → Server: openresty)

Other Information

(So i tried to send a post and get requests I get these… messsages with the arduino and esp826601) Help please.

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Likely due to this


Do you know any other webhosting services?

I mean that can do post and get requests sorry it looks horrible to ask that I cannot edit thatI see sorry sorry : (

Free hosting can do that.
It’s just that you need a web browser

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Premium hosting allows external requests, like what you are trying to do here.

Otherwise, POST and GET requests work fine as long as they are coming from a client with cookies and JavaScript enabled.


Hello I am trying to send memory from arduino with esp 8266 to a website and store it…
So far no luck with GET and POST all i get are responses that I cannot do that…
I have not tried with POST though.
Regarding to your proposal how much is premium where can I find true pricing?

Feel free to try if you want, but all requests get blocked by the browser validation system. GET and POST don’t matter. And other HTTP keywords like PUT, PATCH, etc. are blocked entirely on free hosting.

Pricing is as advertised. If it says $4.99 per month, it means $4.99 per month. So you pay $4.99 for the first month, then next month you pay $4.99 again, then $4.99 the month after, etc. Annual plans are also available, which come with a discount, and are advertised with the total price per year.

iFastNet is an honest company. They don’t bait you with “$1 per month!* (*= first month only when paid for 3 years, $11.99 per month after)” nonsense that so many other hosting companies do.


ok thanks. I will probably end up trying, since I don’t see any other way to communicate my portable arduino with the website…

im not sure if this would help but you could try installing a minimal webserver on the arduino that serves the file via http and then use the php file_get_contents() function on your website to include the data served by the arduino ?

a bit of a kludge but it should work

see that is the code it acts liike a serer… not sure… but I want it that when it starts it sends POST and GET requests to report to a website of anything.

Will that website work to allocate a server I am not sure…

Can you guys remove the post with the code? how can I modify it?

Problem is that the external website cannot acces your arduino esp 8266 BUT your arduino with espo8266 can acces teh external website… unless you open ports and all of that stuff… it is rather very complicated… My way is not that much complicated but all webhosts seem to block robotic HTTP connections… But from browser it is ok, Any ways I am afraid to pay here and get nothing because how are you guys going to allow Robotic HTTP requests? like GET and POST

There is no such restriction on premium hosting


Ok i Got it to work witth another place, I will think about it… this site is reliable

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