Is it possible to get a domain for free?

I want a professional name for my next website but I don’t have the budget to do so.

You can get, for free.
You can also get some from sitelutions.

Infinityfree also supports lots of free domains

Dynadot is also offering a 1 year free .link domain promotion


Hi there,

please refer to this post

Similar to what @SpookyKipper told you, but contains all the links. And please notice these two additional things:

  • isn’t registered at itself, but through a special portal at
  • The DynaDot giveaway end at the end of August, so you need to be quick.

Short answer: if it were free, it wouldn’t be professional.

Domains like .tk and the other Freenom extensions look unprofessional because they are free, and because of that they are being abused a lot. Having to pay for the domain doesn’t prevent someone with bad intentions from getting a domain of course, but it does prevent them from getting a large number of domains to abuse and discard without a care.

Also, operating a domain registry isn’t free.

You can find some free (and very cheap) promotions for some domain extensions. But note that these are typically only for the first year, and after a year you’ll need to pay for their renewal, so they are not an option if you’re looking for a long term free option.

Besides that, there are plenty of options for free subdomains, both from us and from other providers. But I wouldn’t consider those to be “professional” domains.


If I can’t get them for free, Can I atleast get them for cheap?

Namecheap or namesilo?


A site like this may help you locate cheap TLDs and compare prices (not sure how unbiased it is, but its information seems to be mostly accurate):

Pay attention to the renewal price, as that is the price you will be paying after the first year (so try to find a combination that offers a good price for the first year and a cheap renewal for the next ones).


I don’t even care if it’s not professional anymore, I just want my SEO and ads to work. I want money.

You can register a (sub)domain. But it may perform worse than popular TLDs such as .com when it comes to indexing at top of search engine results.


If you don’t wanted to wait for too long, you can also submit a request for a domain at, but only if you have a valid credit/debit card.


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