Is it possible to create subdirectories in infinityfree

Hello, quick question, is it possible to create subdirectories here?
To make the domain appear like**/docs** .
I watched a tutorial on the web on how to do it on cpanel, but here it doesnt work, maybe there is another way? Please help

Why not?
Please fill up according to template.
Screenshot what you did and why it did not work

thats my file manager.
Domain is
i created some subdomains but later decided to not use them
so i added the folders docs and support.

I assume htdocs is where is located.
Just create the directory inside htdocs will do



Ok, so i transfer the folders docs and support to htdocs.
Quick question though, Will I be able to acces the folders simply by typing http: // or http:/ /

Or Will it be http: //

Why not? Unless you setup .htaccess differently…


Ok let me try, hopefully it works

Thank you it worked


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