Is it possible to connect my google site to my domain with DNS?

i need help connecting my google site to my domain using DNS. I can’t find somewhere to manage my DNS so i can connect my google site


You will have to do that with your DNS provider, not InfinityFree. Your DNS provider is most likely your domain provider.


but i got my domain from infinintyfree and i dont know who provided them the domain

If it is a free subdomain, you can only use it with InfinityFree. To use Google Sites, you will need to buy a custom domain, or see if Google Sites offers a free domain that you can use (I think they do).


so how do i know who provided the domain my link is

You can use freenom.

What’s this “google site” you’re referring to? Google has many different servers in which you can add your own domain, with wildly different functionalities being offered and sometimes varying rules on domain verification too.

Can you please clearly state exactly which service you’re trying to use and what exactly Google’s setup instructions for that service are?

If you’re referring to Search Console:

In the Domain Verification options at Google, you can set CNAME verification. You can set up those CNAME records through the “CNAME Records” tool in our control panel.

If that doesn’t work, you can also add your site as a URL Prefix instead, which enables some other verification options, and gives you pretty much the same feature set.


Google Sites website

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