Is it possible Change PHP Version: PHP 5.4

My variant can someone from support change me one folder to old version PHP 5.4 The name of the folder: webcompiler To make it possible for the folder system to start when installing plugins and other mods. Because there is no change to the php version in the admin panel


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Please read below about support for PHP 5.x:


I wanted an old version because the script doesn’t want to run on the newest version php 7.4


I just need you to put an old version of the folder I wrote root/htdocs/webcompiler If you can add an old version to it to start my site thanks!

That’s just not going to happen.

PHP 5.4 is very old and hasn’t received any security updates since 2015. And that’s bad, because there are many security vulnerabilities in PHP 5.4. Because this is shared hosting, installing PHP 5.4 for you puts not just your site at very high risk of getting hacked, but puts every site on our hosting in danger. We just can’t do that.

If your code doesn’t work with any version of PHP newer than 5.4, then the right thing to do is to update it to work with new PHP versions, or replace it with something that does. Not keep using horribly outdated PHP versions forever.

If you insist on using outdated, you may want to consider premium hosting, which does offer older PHP versions (and different security architecture where this can be offered safely).


I’ve never had a site that was paid for :slight_smile: Otherwise, it’s great to offer

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