Is it ok to use infinityfree to host user made browser games?

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So I have a website where people can register and write their own JavaScript games there in a simple editor. So here are two questions.

  1. Is it ok to use infinityfree to host user made browser games?
    So for now only me and my friends will use it to make simple browser games and learn JavaScript together but soon I might give the links to other people so they could try it too.
  2. Are .js files scanned for blacklisted words?
    I already had experience with accidentally getting my website suspended by writing some word (nothing illegal). And recently I noticed other people complaining about their website getting suspended because they wrote a harmless word. So I am really worried that someone might write a wrong word and get my entire website suspended.

I visited your domain and i can KINDA tell where your coming from, if they are scanned your toast i cant lie, but surely they arent scanned for what as if someone hosts a login? they would need name checkers and everything and itd just be too much hastle, i dont there is much to worry about man, just hope that they dont and wait from a response from a professional.

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Welcome back!

To answers the question in the post title, yes, you can use IF to host browser games, provided you own or create them yourself (Basically, pirated games are not allowed).

Maybe? The exact way the checking script works (And when it runs) is kind of a secret, mainly to prevent people from creating applications specifically built to avoid it. As long as you stay away from chat scripts and gambling, you should be fine.

Of course, you can always use the “Directory Privacy” feature in the control panel to lock the website to a username/password, and just give that out to the people you want to have access to the site.


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