Is infinityfree real free?

I have a website about my Hot Wheels collecting hobby. The website has about 1500 html files and 1500 jpeg files. Total size of my website is around 1.2 - 1.3GB.
my website has visitor about 50-75 per month.
The website is all about my Hot Wheels collecting hobby, nothing else. All photos are Hot Wheels photo that I took my self.
I create around 2014. I always host in free web hosting. But countless my account keep been suspend with or without reason. The latest suspend from Byethost is because they said my site was target of ddos attack.
I asked why was target of ddos attack, they said has no idea.

So I want to know is infinityfree real free? or just for 3-6 months or less than 500mb. Once the account is longer than 1-2 years, 1GB storage size, ignore the upgrade email request to pay hosting then the account been suspended.

I appreciate if anyone has this similar experience with infinityfree and can share here. Thanks.

InfinityFree is free but does have certain restrictions put in place to prevent abuse.
InfinityFree is actually also powered by Byethost (iFastNet)
As for your website, I’m not sure if InfinityFree is the best option. 1.5k images is a lot of files and could overload the server’s bandwidth, that is if lots of people visit your website.
I would personally recommend going with something like Google Sites, which is a basic website builder that can host your images without bandwidth caps or hosting your images externally.


Infinityfree is free but it has some restrictions. You can upload html files and images one google drive or one drive and use

if the file you want to hosting only a static file (HTML, CSS, JS) without any PHP language, I recommend you to try . they are a newly launched service. you can try it for free of course.

@Jonon132 and @Goranko, Thanks for your reply.
I tried and have old and new Google Sites but it can’t 100% customize like what beginner learn simple html from w3schools. So if I download template from, when I directly upload to Google Sites, it is not 100% same, but if I upload to Byethost or 000WebHost it show exactly same. Or actually google site can do the same thing?

About, is it same has restriction too or totally free?
What I mean, I just want free host for my sites that only maximum get visitors 75/ month (from Google Analytics). I really talking normal 100% photo website with more detail organize for my website that I guess nothing to do with break any rule/ copyright/ etc.

IIRC, one of the famous photo website(photobucket?) clearly said, maximum photo can be upload is xx files and xx files size. I just don’t want I spend time modified my html file to link to another sites and at the end same when i ignore email upgrade to pay service, they just somehow suspend my account again.

Thanks for hearing me.

Thanks. I don’t want try for free. I want put for long term. Yes it is pure 100% html files with simple css and js that I download from free web design template.
Sigh… it is very hard to just want share my organized photos over internet :frowning:

it also has free services. i use it to host my static files for free

Oh if its pure HTML and CSS with images, you may want to try something like Netlify. The only limit they have is 100gb of bandwidth each month, however, they should be able to host all of your images.

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Thanks everyone. For now, I will try drive to web. I choose it because it use google drive as storage.
I just have feeling many free web host that I tried before unwilling to give free 1 GB storage. As for bandwidth, I don’t think that is an issue consider my site maximum traffic is only 50-70 visitor per month.
I will try update how drive to web service. Of course that many free web host have no problem in first 6-9 months, but after no reply of send many times upgrade pay plan, they start “protect” them self.

If you think it suits your needs, then this article will help: Also consider getting an SSL certificate to accept HTTPS.

As the title says: Is InfinityFree Really Free?
So as the name says, Yes it’s really free.

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@NewUser2020 You may consider for your work also. If want everything from scratch you may try that. I used them for a while and it may fulfill your choices.

Thanks. I see the free plan(Pricing · Plans for every developer · GitHub), it only provide 500MB storage. I need around 1.2-1.5GB

Just want share about DriveToWeb. I email([email protected]) for technical help 404, the file is there, I did force a cache refresh( Ctrl-F5 or Shift-F5), but after 48 hours, no reply from them :frowning:
Those claim to be free webhost, always reply my technical help email in 48 hours or less.

We aren’t the support people of

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