Is InfinityFree managed or un-managed hosting?

So, someone told me that Managed hosting contain cPanel and un-managed hosting doesn’t.

Now, InfinityFree has a cPanel. So what category does InfinityFree fall into?

Is this a managed or un-managed Hosting?

And also what does un-managed Hosting mean actually? Do I need to to setup/install everything using command line in un-managed hosting?

It’s a managed hosting.

“Managed hosting” is a bit of a difficult thing to define, especially when it comes to web hosting.

With VPS or dedicated servers it’s more clear. An unmanaged server just gives you the basic operating system and you’re in charge for installing any software, securing the server, keeping it up to date and fixing any issues (usually on the command line). With a managed server, the hosting provider manages all of that, and only gives you a limited interface to manage your sites running on it (usually cPanel).

With web hosting, the server software is always managed, because it’s shared across multiple customers. So in that regards, a web hosting account has more in common with a managed server than an unmanaged server.

But then there are also providers who offer “managed hosting” for web hosting, which (AFAIK) mostly involves that they install and manage website software like WordPress for you.

We provide web hosting accounts, so that’s more like a managed server. But we don’t manage your website software for you, so it’s unmanaged in that regard.

I hope that this helped clear things up a bit.



And, If I choose Dedicated Server on Ifastnet, then will I be provided with an empty machine where I’ll be in charge for installing any software, updates, etc.
or, will it be managed in the same way as InfinityFree?

Because I don’t know how to work on command line.

Umm,Idk. try asking



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If you get a dedicated server from iFastNet, I think it’s going to be an unmanaged dedicated server. Managed servers are usually quite a bit more expensive.

If you’re not comfortable working on the command line, you can either try to learn it yourself, or get a managed server instead.

Can I ask why you’re asking about dedicated servers specifically? That’s a huge leap up from a free web hosting account.


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