Is infinityfree domain for sale?!?

i accidentally typed “” instead of .net, and i say that it was for sale for $14,000. Not that i want to buy it, but is this a scam?

10k here. Seems like a $cam


I’m unsure about the name of it but I’m sure it’s called baiting, so when someone types an incorrect domains name they get fowarded somewhere random, thats why google has registered with every single TLD. So none of their users can be baited.

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whats a TLD

Top Level Domain, For example in the domain, net is the TLD or in, co is the TLD.

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ohh ok

It’s not really a scam. A domain broker registered the domain name before we did. They own the domain, and put the domain up for sale. They are fully within their rights to do this, as they own the domain and have owned the domain before the brand existed.

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