Is InfinityFree Dead?

Hi Guys

I found InfinityFree on the Web as a way of creating a simple Blog for free but after setting everything up I find that I cannot access my subdomain.

A simple question. Is InfinityFree still operating or is it Dead?

Does anyone know?

If it is dead can anyone recommend an alternative. Not much space is required as it is a simple Blog documenting my house build for the family.



YES - we’re dead and now we’re like zombies !! :woman_zombie::zombie::woman_zombie::zombie:

Joking aside - what is your subdomain and what kind of error do you have ?

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i am having the same issue

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If you are new, then this is probably what’s happened!
Basically, it means that you have to wait up to 72 hours for your website to be active. I use InfinityFree and I seem to have no issues. If you would like me to check your website, flick me the link.

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Well, judging by the very active forum where plenty of users and staff post frequently, I’m not sure why you would think that we are dead. And if you ask on the InfinityFree forum to people what their favourite free hosting service is, what do you think people will say?

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