"is-great.net" not available when creating new hosting acct

When creating a new hosting account under my profile, step 1 asks me to choose a domain name. When choosing a subdomain, only a handful of domain extensions are available. is-great.net is not among them. See screenshot.

However, once the hosting account is already created, the Subdomains pane shows that many more domain extensions are available, including is-great.net.

My question is: isn’t it possible to create my new hosting account using is-great.net from the beginning?

My understanding is that if I create the account with another extension and later add the is-great.net subdomain, it only complicates things pointlessly, since the initial subdomain will remain unused anyway.

As you have found out, we only allow registering new accounts with our subdomains (the ones Admin purchased) or a custom domain. I do not know why this is. But after you finish registration, you also have access to all of the other ones (the ones iFastNet owns). Again, I don’t know why it is done this way (I’m sure Admin has an explanation) because it is possible to use any valid subdomain to register. I have a feeling that it is to not overwhelm people who are not very experienced, as a long list of options may stress a lot of people out.


Unfortunately, due to restrictions by the hosting platform, it is only possible to register a select number of subdomains when you create your account.

However, once the account is created, you can enter the “subdomain” section of the control panel and add more domains to your account from the full list that is available there.



Thank you. And is there a way to make sure that the original, unused subdomain will stay invisible or unreachable?
I thought I´d use the IP Deny function in cpanel for the range, but doesn’t seem to accept any of the range formats I see listed in cpanel QAs around the web.

Simple: just go into the Addon Domains section and delete it! No need to hide it when you can simply get rid of it in the first place.


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