Is Cloaking allowed?

Can I point my own domain ABC.COM to a website hosted here i.e. My domain registrar uses cloaking, hence the end-user does not see the actual in the browser address bar.

By doing so, am I violating any of your policies or am I good to go?

Thank You.

If you want, you can do that. I don’t see any problems with the URL frames (or “cloaking” as your registrar calls it).

However, I am curious why you want to use URL cloaking. Sure, it allows you to display another website on your domain, but in terms of both SEO and user experience it’s horrible. Instead, it’s much better to point the domain name to our nameservers and add it as a parked domain to “” (in this example). That way displays the same content as, with the option to link directly to pages and to have the domain name be indexed properly by search engines.