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my account was removed now I made a new one and I have the same domain name and it won’t let me add it as a domain it says it already exists how do I fix the problem?

So… what’s the domain? How do you expect me to tell you why a domain can’t be added if i don’t know the domain?

Also, just to be sure, when you say “my account was removed”, are you sure it’s actually fully deleted? If you deactivated it through the client area, it’s only deactivated, not deleted, and any domains on the account before are still locked to the account. If the account is not fully deleted, then please reactivate it, go into the control panel, and remove the domain from there.


this is my account that says it has been deleted
I hope we can somehow get it back with your help thank you.

Again: what your is the DOMAIN. If you want me to check why your domain can’t be added, I need to know the domain.

Please read the text at the footer of the Deleted Accounts panel.

If it says “cannot be recovered in any way”, it means it cannot be recovered in any way. This means we also cannot get it back for you. If we could, we wouldn’t say there is no way.


If it says that it cannot be returned, I am not asking for the account to be returned, I want control of the website to be returned to me, when I bought the domain again and installed your servers, it activated itself and I have no control over it and the page is

it looks like there is an active website on that url
some info on the registra here Whois Lookup Captcha

It appears that you (or someone) bought this domain a few days ago from Namecheap. Hosting here (or being deleted) does not affect your domain’s control. Whoever registered it a few days ago still controls it. If it was you, you still do. Contact Namecheap if you are having issues with the actual domain. As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, hosting here for free does not allow adult sites.


You’re very close with your evaluation, but not quite there.

The domain indeed seems to be newly registered. I do believe you that you say it’s you. The thing is that the domain was added to another account with us in the past (before the domain was re-registered).

So it seems like someone else owned the domain before you did and hosted it with us. And the domain never got released from the account after the previous owner let it expire.

So I’ve removed the domain from the old account, which means you’re now free to add it to a new account @newname .

But as @BigLion also said: please note that adult content is not allowed here.


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