My website URL is: arcadians.co.uk

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

**Additional information:**I am looking to transfer mysite to infinityfree but need an IPS Tag to do it

cheers guys

Hi and welcome to the forum

An IPS tag is a tag that was implemented by the UK registry (Nominet), to control domain name transfers. Every UK domain name ( .co.uk , .org.uk , .net.uk , etc.) must have an IPS tag specified to confirm which registrar currently holds the domain. This protects domains from being transferred away from a current owner if the domain’s tag has not been updated to another registrar’s tag. Only the current tagholder (registrar) or Nominet is able to update a domain’s IPS tag.

But InfinityFree is not a registrar - it is a web hosting

I don’t see your domain exists here Registration Data Lookup by Nominet
(there is one without the letter S)

What you need is to change the NS of your domain and refer it to our servers



Hi OxyDac,

Thanks old fart here just getting used to website creation only done a little around 15 years+ ago. my bad for the web address arcadiansolutions.co.uk

change the NS of my site a couple of days ago & still cannot create account on infinity, just rechanged & updated again after your reply arrived

Many Thanks for your help

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YW - not a problem ! and I’m a half old fart :smile:

I see the domain pointing to our NS.
Please try adding it to our system and if you have any problems please let us know here.
If there is a problem please include error log or screenshot.
Thank you

Yeah just tried to add, being told my ns is not pointing at you guys…

hope this image works

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Have you waited a few hours and checked whether the nameservers are as mentioned in the error.

yeah done a check i am pointint at infinity ns service

Have you waited for a few hours?

6 hours so far Fury_Phoenix, not that i am counting…

Try looking at these articles
Also the article here https://infinityfree.net/support/add-your-own-domain/ says it can take up to three days.


you misspelled your domain !!!



Oops, I didn’t have a look at the image. Oh well. @maiseyman, OxyDac has said why it won’t work.


Should have gone to specsavers…how much of an idiot do i look now…

Thank you both of you for your help, i now have a website being hosted, gonna have to shout about infinityfree here in the UK.




Don’t get mad at yourself ! it happens especially if your head is full of information and you are doing something for the first time, at least you came here for help, others immediately blame hosting and give bad ratings on hosting review sites.

Thx and good luck !


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