İoncube install

Hi. I am from Türk :heart:

My account for free.
I can’t ioncube install (panel)

Help me!

ionCube Loader is already installed and enabled on free hosting, so you don’t need to install it again. What software which uses ionCube are you trying to install and what is the error you get during installation?


Also Email system is currently unavailable in free hosting because of few reasons.


I want to install ioncube 5.6

helpp please

ionCube Loader is already installed on free hosting at the version 10.3.6, but you can still change PHP version from the “Select PHP Version” section of the Control Panel if your software requires an ionCube Loader for that PHP version. Other versions of ionCube can’t be installed, nor can you install them, on free hosting.


thanks. I love you :slight_smile:

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