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Hello it’s my first time uploading a site online and I really don’t know much about uploading.
But when I uploaded my site here some of my content went missing and even without showing that it was even there.
It is a banner div that contains a link and an image.
If anyone knows something that can solve it, please help me.

Maybe this?


Thanks man, but i my site there are three identical divs which uses the same image but only one div is not present, other two are normal. It’s like its codes are removed somehow. :frowning:

Could you provide your domain name, please?

Have you checked the source code? It could be there is an error on your code.

that’s my website. And before the dropdown of recent there was supposed to be a banner on top of it, but it vanished.

Ok to me


Some browsers stick to the rules and some don’t

the first thing you need is to fix these <head> that you have inside the <body> section


You cannot have those sections declared multiple times.

so that the CSS code from the fonts/etc. does not mix with the code from the body section,
these things should be in the head section.

Screenshot 2022-09-22 133746

srcset for your test.jpg must not be empty

when you correct it all, probably Firefox will also display that banner (test.jpg)


Thanks for correcting me. Really appretiate :pray::pray:

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