Invalid TLD

Invalid TLD

Hi, when creating CNAME record in control pannel I get message “Invalid TLD”.
Does anyone have any idea why this is happening ?

Hi and welcome to the forum

we had such a case but insufficient feedback from user (who then stated that he had succeeded),
for now I can’t tell you anything clever except try a few more times or with another browser


Hi, I tried different browser but no luck. Do you think it could be because I’ve bought the domain like 4 hours ago ?

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I do not know, you added the domain to the system which means it neatly recognized the NS and so on.

It is possible that this message actually came from the let’s encrypt system

but for that you will have to wait for the admin because he knows our system and can get some additional information

So please try again later and be patient until the admin responds

Thank you

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Ok, thanks for replying and trying to help me
I really appriciate the effort

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What the hell ? It shows me that my account is suspended

Hi, I got message that my account is not going to be reactivated because I’ve had instagram account on it. I don’t understand why is instagram content counted as abuse.
You dont need to reply to me I am done with this hosting

Well, it might be counted as Phishing, also did you ask the support staff about it?

Well, I asked them but the didn’t respond yet. Anyway I dont want to use this hosting anymore. Thanks for your help