Invalid TLD when deleting CNAME Record

Username (epiz_32980121) Website URL(

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Error Message

It just this and i want it to be removed.

I’m trying to remove this but I cant remove it at all. I don’t need this cuz it gets in a way of my other certificate that’s why I want to removed it but now I can’t even remove it.

Which record are you referring to exactly?

I really doubt that. A CNAME record only affects the name it’s set for. And for all our certificate vendor, the same name is never used for different CNAME values.


my bad i forgot to add it here btw here’s the img for it

the last to the bottom CNAME i mess up my CNAME and now i can’t remove it how can i fix it?

btw new to this domain host server may i know why my domain for ssl certificate for client side is working and automatically force to use https but in my /adminpanel/admin domain the certificate seems not to work at all even though its using https already?

Your SSL works fine for me in the admin page. Perhaps your browser/DNS cache is interfering, try flushing it.

I found this funny, by the way. Perhaps you wish to change that so it’s actually optional or remove the (Optional) text.


Yeah i see that too that’s the old file of our system cuz i cant upload the current file for that cuz of ftp quota error and the latest website already uploaded to the other domain this domain will be re-purpose in other tabs

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