Invalid SSL

I found that I have an invalid SSL Certificate I added and it’s affecting our HTTPS route of our Site. Can a Staff member remove this from our Site?
Even after installing new certificate, the problem persists. I want to use cloudflare flexible ssl, but the problem is still there.

All sites come with a self signed certificate by default, which cannot be removed. If you don’t want your website to use HTTPS, you need to make sure that you only use HTTP URLs to and on your website. Simply removing an SSL certificate will not make an SSL error go away.

Also, the system should not let you add invalid SSL certificates. The control panel checks the certificates to make sure they are valid for the domain you’re trying to add.

I’m not sure which website you’re referring to, or what error you actually see, but I can tell you that the SSL configuration doesn’t matter if you use Cloudflare Flexible SSL. The idea of Flexible SSL is that you can use HTTPS even if the backend server doesn’t support SSL. But since our servers do offer SSL for all sites, you can safely use Full SSL (not strict), without having to purchase or install any certificates.

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