Invalid SSL certificate

When I set the SSL Mode Full to Full (strict) it is sowing the error Error 526 Ray ID: 5c6dad7a0e7bce73 • 2020-08-22 15:37:53 UTC

Invalid SSL certificate

Do not set to Full, you don’t have a ssl certificate

Do it flexible.

Dear SSL is working. and I have SSL. Please read first and share solution if you have. Capture

You had not mentioned that you’ve SSL already.


Just enable flexible mode

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Exactly. What’s wrong with Flexible?

1 SSL is free for all account in infinityfree… :slight_smile:

El certificado. SSL es gratuito en la versión free ??

Translation by MOD: Is the SSL certificate. Free on the free version?

Para la versión gratuita es free el ssl ??

Translation by MOD: For the free version is the SSL free?

Please create new topic.


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It works fine for me.

Less security.


Hmm, but still :expressionless:

The SSL certificate on your hosting account is the SSL certificate that expired in May. You need to upload the new certificate which is still valid.

And if you want to keep using Full SSL, you need to renew your certificate every 2-3 months and install it on your hosting account, because (apparently) Cloudflare doesn’t trust an expired certificate.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a new SSL certificate every time, you can use Flexible SSL instead.


Maybe you can read this:


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