Invalid ftp credentials

Hi, I’m setting up on my website, for all files uploaded on it to come to the FTP of my InfinityFree hosting. I’m using BeDrive, however, it’s giving an error when I’m going to save.

The error: Invalid ftp credentials.
ftp_chdir(): Can’t change directory to uploads/: No such file or directory

Here is the image of the error below:

Maybe try setting the directory to just “/” or “/htdocs”?
I have never heard of this program before, so I am unsure how well it works.

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As I understand it, I should rename the htdocs for uploads. But how do I do this? When I try, it says I’m not allowed to do that.

Don’t rename it. Just change they text you typed in the “FTP Directory” box in the screenshot. Instead of typing “/htdocs/uploads” try “/” or “/htdocs”

You do not rename as there is no such directory

We don’t allow file hosting sites here. Please don’t use BeDrive with our hosting.


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