Invalid entry in DNS causing email error

Tried configuring an email account and encountered the below error on testing;

Remote Server returned ‘550 5.7.367 Remote server returned not permitted to relay → 554 5.7.1 [email protected]: Relay access denied’

Other Information

On further check,found the entries for another Name servers ns* included, which might be causing the issue.

Please suggest / do the needful to resolve this issue. Thanks
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Email no longer available on free hosting. Try Yandex or Zoho


Zoho is being used. However, after configuring we get error - Relay access denied - as above.

This seems to be NS server entries like in the system, which is not visible.

Seems like there is no mx entry for Zoho 21599 IN MX 0

I checked your domain name and it’s only using Zoho’s MX records. And MX records ultimately control which email server is responsible for handling the incoming email for a domain name, regardless of which nameservers are serving those MX records.

So this issue is entirely with the email system, which is outside of our control. It’s either an issue at Zoho or with whatever provider you’re sending the test email with.

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I found this:

So, first thing came to mind is that I suspect there is something wrong with the authentication.

So, questions:

  • Which platform are you using (WordPress or something else)?
  • What method are you using to send email from your website? (Zoho official WordPress plugins, or any other SMTP WordPress Plugins, or something else)?

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