Invalid Domain, please check your input. .7

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Same as the one above

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Invalid Domain, please check your input. .7

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Just enter your domain without those https:// tags? Also please write clearly next time :slight_smile: .

What issue? Seems ok

Hello jaikrishna.t i’m not talking about that i’m saying that i cannot create any new subdomains for my domain.

Figured it out my self it was becuse my subdomain was “panel” and i think cpanel didn’t like that

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That is correct. The control panel invalidates all of these subdomains:

  • ftp
  • cpanel
  • panel
  • ns*
  • only 1 character (any)
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wackyblackie You are wrong about any 2 or less i cloud use “gp” as one of my subdomains

Thank you, I have updated my post.

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